Milestones to guide you:

  • Activity Directors can choose to write assessment questions by themself, or divide the question-drafting work up among individual session speakers.
  • Each sponsoring board has specific requirements of the Assessment Question authors, which are summarized here.
  • All questions must address one of the learning objectives identified for the Activity, and will be reviewed by a Peer Reviewer assigned by the CME office.
  • To allow adequate time for peer review to occur, your first draft of assessment questions must be submitted to the CME office at least 4 weeks in advance of your activity date.
  • The peer reviewer will provide feedback and request revisions to the Activity Director within 2 weeks of the draft submission
  • The Activity Director must address any peer reviewer feedback and requested revisions within 1 week of contact, and submit finalized assessment to CME office at least 1 week before activity date.
  • Assessments will be produced using an online electronic format wherever possible, to enable efficient objective response scoring. Activity Directors who must offer paper-based MOC assessments will pay a program fee.
  • If you choose to write reflective assessment questions, some sponsoring boards (i.e. Pediatrics) may require formal review of the participant responses by a Reviewer in order to assure minimum adequate participation. See the board guidance for more information.

Below are some tips for structuring your Assessment questions.(print or save this worksheet to submit questions)

1)      Medical Knowledge question:____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

All answer options/correct and distractors offered should be of comparable length and detail to avoid signaling the correct answer. We may randomize the option order, so please AVOID offering compound options such as “All of the above”, “Only A and C above”, etc. The single correct answer should be justifying using published evidence so we can provide further reading/feedback to learners.

a)      Answer option 1:_________________________________

b)      Answer option 2:_________________________________

c)       Answer option 3:_________________________________

d)      Answer option 4:_________________________________

  • Correct Answer is: ______________________________
  • Published citation (or weblink) explaining correct answer:_________________________________________


2)      Practice Assessment question**:___________________________________________________



  • Please describe a barrier you currently face in adopting (__recommended practice change__) …….[Free Text response field]


  • Please describe how you will implement (___recommended practice change ___):….. [Free Text response field ]


  • How often do you currently (___recommended practice change__) in your practice?________[Free text or numeric response field]


  • Please rate your competence in (___measurable learning objective___):

                                Expert – Need more proficiency – Need basic Preceptoring – None/Not Applicable


If your Practice Assessment question uses a rating scale, please include exactly FOUR scale labels. Avoid using an odd number of scale labels, so that people are not attracted to marking the “safe middle answer”.

·         Scale Labels:   i)_____________;    ii)_____________;   iii)_____________;    iv)_____________

**Note that if you are writing practice assessment(PA) questions for Pediatrics MOC part 2, ABP has issued minimum requirements guidance. Download it here.