We need MOC/QI Activity reviewers who are Board Certified!

In March Winthrop launched our QI Proposal review process ”QI-MOC”
But in order to certify Quality Improvment(QI) projects for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit award, we need Board Certified Faculty from the same specialty to act as in-house MOC project reviewers:
Benefits to MOC reviewer volunteers:
  • Can Receive MOC part II credit for assessment reviewing
  • Can become co-authors, if the local QI project publishes
  • Can review either locally, or for the national MOC clearinghouse (to earn MOC IV credit for themselves)

Three ways to participate:

  1. As an Assessment Reviewer for MOC written Assessments:
    1. Review your assigned Question Item drafts
    2. Provide your feedback or revision requests to Question authors
    3. Score or adjudicate satisfactory completion of reflective responses

    To apply as an Assessment Reviewer,
     please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for further information on Part II Reviewer assignments.

  2. As Local Reviewer for Winthrop PI/QI projects: 

    To a
    pply as a local PI/QI Reviewer, Click here

  3. As a National reviewer for ABMS-recognized QI/PI Projects: 

nNationally, the American Board of Medical Specialties is seeking activity reviewers for the MOC Portfolio Sponsorship Program

To apply as a national QI/PI reviewer, have your academic CV on hand, then register for the program using the link below