We have re-designed the MOC part 4 project proposal form. The online form will be available on June 23, 2017. Please do not use the old Project Proposal Form.


How to use a working draft(optional):

Please download the Worksheet Draft Form here, if you need a “standalone” working draft of your Project Proposal prior to applying for ABMS MOC Part IV Portfolio Sponsorship using the online form below. You can copy and paste from the Worksheet Draft Form into the Project Application form below when you are ready to submit

MOC Part IV Project Application

Instructions: In the official Proposal Form below, you may save your progress and return several times before submitting, using the Save and Continue link at the bottom of each page.


The individuals are employed or contracted by the Sponsor The individuals are in the Sponsors' health system or network The individuals are members of the Sponsor society/collaborative/association The individuals have other oversight arrangements with the Sponsor

Provide the numbers,  as available, of health care providers who are participating in this QI Effort (regardless of claiming MOC Part IV through the Portfolio Program). [Standard C2, C3]